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Production Units for Autoconsumption

Looking for a solution to reduce the energy costs of your home or business? Producing your own electricity through photovoltaic solar energy, can provide you with a very significant reduction in the monthly bill!

The new legislation allows to produce electricity from renewable energy sources for your own consumption, which, with successive increases in electricity, can be the ideal solution to significantly reduce monthly electricity charges.

The idea is very simple: the energy produced by self-consumption installations, or Production Units for Autoconsumption (UPAC), is injected into the electrical panel and is consumed by the installation of consumption. This energy that you produce and consume will be your monthly savings since you do not have to buy it to your supplier (EDP or other).

psineis solares
An installation of this kind can provide you with a savings of more than 50%, depending on your consumption profile.
There are some requirements to be met under the law, which depend on each case. Contact us to get more information!
We have systems for all powers from home kits of up to 1.5 kW to installations with several hundred kW.


What is the photovoltaic effect?

O efeito fotovoltaico (FV), descoberto em 1839 por Edmond Becquerel, consiste na produção de electricidade através da radiação solar incidente sobre uma célula fotovoltaica.


Increase up to 40% your production

We adapt the system to your home, whatever the type of structure, always guaranteeing the maximum reliability and safety.

With a solar tracker, the modules are all oriented day to the sun, significantly increasing daily production and decreasing the turnaround time of your investment.

We present the most reliable and robust systems on the market, solutions with one or two axles with areas of 8.5 to 60 m2. A typical micro system occupies an approximate area of 20 to 30 m2.




A Solar Water Pumping System converts sunlight into electricity by using photovoltaic panels. This energy is used to power electric pumps used in water extraction for various purposes.
This solution is ideal for places where there is no public utility or installation is too expensive.

Operation principle
• Solar energy capture using photovoltaic solar panels;
• controller feeds the pump using available energy;
• pump sends water from the pickup point to the deposit;
• Automatic system that turns on and off according to need for water using the level sensor in the tank.
Bombagem solar
• Pickup point (existing hole, pond, stream, well, tank)
• Area for panels installation

Types of Pumps


Autonomous Photovoltaics System

An autonomous system of electrical power is a system capable of generating electricity for its own use and without recourse to public grid. Such a system may have several applications:

  • Housing in isolated locations isolated photovoltaic energy system
  • Holiday rentals
  • Rural tourism
  • Irrigation systems or supply of drinking water
  • Telecommunications
  • Emergency Facilities
  • Supervision of surveillance systems
  • Lighting
  • Road signs

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