Solar Thermal




The largest source of energy available on earth comes from the sun. Solar energy is indispensable for the existence of life on earth and is the starting point for performing chemical and biological processes. Moreover, the energy from the sun is the most "environmentally friendly" and can be used in various ways.

One of the most currently used is through solar panels that convert light that penetrates through the glass into heat. These collectors establish the link between the energy from the sun and the hot water users.

The more known types of systems are:
- Thermosiphon systems that do not require pumps, as in this case the transport of the heat transfer fluid is effected by gravity;
- Systems with forced circulation, which work with the installation of circulation pumps. This last type of system is widely used in Portugal;

Regardless of the application (hot water of homes, nursing homes, schools, spas, swimming pools, etc.), Solarconnect offers you the best solution. We have the best partners in this sector and work with the best European manufacturers.



Brands - Sonnenkraft

We partner with the best brands in the market, such as,
Sonnenkraft, for example, it offers a range of quality products that can respond to any of the applications referred to above. The Sonnenkraft modular systems (SMS) guarantee an optimal functioning of the system but also reduce assembly time on site, since they are delivered pre-assembled and are of easy integration.
The compact design ensures a higher reliability of the system, with reduced maintenance and easy handling for the consumer. Thus, the SMS ensure to detail the highest quality in all aspects, achieving complete solar systems of high technological level.



Product Range Sonnenkraft



Solar Collector Sonnenkraft SKR500






Brands - Solcrafte

Up to 80% reduction in energy costs in the preparation of domestic hot water
The series „Solcrafte® Style“ is a revolutionary system with collector with integrated battery where not only income, but also the design has a decisive role. The water is heated directly and accumulated in the collector. This feature allows for a much higher energy efficiency, making the system particularly profitable.
The high-performance battery of Domo product line features a stainless steel surface in modern design and is aided by solar collectors of high efficiency.
In this way, the system achieves maximum efficiency at very low energy costs saving the environment and the wallet.

Other Solutions

In addition to small systems applicable in single-family houses, this technology has solutions for many other applications always with excellent yield:

  • Pool heating
  • Central heating - underfloor heating
  • Industrial applications
  • Homes and Hospitals
  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Schools and kindergartens
  • Sports halls
  • Services Buildings